Volunteers and Chaperones of Florence School District Three


Thank you for the interest in becoming a volunteer with Florence County School District Three. In order to be eligible to volunteer or chaperone for a day or overnight fieldtrip in Florence District Three, you must successfully complete the following procedures.



APPLICATION -Applications may be obtained at the schools, district office, or download the pdf file on the link below.

Volunteer/Chaperone Application  

Complete the application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Please provide copies of your Social Security card and a South Carolina Driver’s License or  South Carolina ID with your application. After submitting this information with a completed  application, your application will be reviewed by the School Principal for recommendation.  


Volunteers will be placed on an “Approved” list when a clear criminal history has been received. The processing fee to investigate your background information is $26.00. Payment must be received in the form of cash or a money order. Please note: Payment of fees must not be paid before a school year that you are applying for.    After a clear background check is received, your application will be submitted to the Superintendent and/or designee for approval.




A negative Tuberculosis Skin Test Certification must be submitted with the application. 


Volunteers are required to complete a Bloodborne Pathogen training before final approval.  Volunteers who do not have this information, will be scheduled to view the training video at the Florence School District Three Administrative Office in Human Resources.




Parents wishing to chaperone must be the legal guardian of the student participating in the field trip OR a Step-parent, Parent not holding guardianship, Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent of the child may be approved to chaperone provided that the legal guardian gives his/her written permission. Written permission must be obtained for each field trip.